How to directly support your therapist:

If you want to support your therapist directly, we've listed their Venmo/Paypal information below so that you can tip directly them if you like during this time away from work.

We urge you, if you have a continuing source of income, to find ways to support small businesses, service professionals and performing artists with your patronage during this difficult time and beyond.

Thank you and we hope to see you soon!

Jamie Brower // VENMO @Jamie-Brower-6 // Paypal [email protected]

Jennifer Green // VENMO @Jennifer-Green-258 // Paypal [email protected]

Marie Dahlen Keane // VENMO @Marie-Dahlenkeane

Kristin Lash // VENMO @Kristin-Lash

Johanna Milburn // PayPal [email protected]

Clara Neelands // VENMO @Clara-Neelands

Heather Owen // VENMO @heatherven

Erika Slocum // VENMO @Erika-Slocum