Why do you require a credit card to hold an appointment? Will it be charged in advance of the appointment or can I pay some other way after the massage?

We require a valid credit card to hold all appointments but we do not charge your card in advance. On the day of your appointment, you can either ask us to put the charge through on the card on file or provide alternate payment in the form of cash, check, different credit card or gift certificate. If you do not show up for your appointment or cancel with less than 24-hours then we will charge the appointment fee to the card on file.

Can I book using a gift certificate to hold the appointment? It doesn’t seem like I can add this as a form of payment when I book.

We do require a valid credit card to book an appointment using our online system. If you would prefer to use your gift certificate number in lieu of your credit card to hold the appointment, you have to call us to do this. Per our cancellation policy, if you do not show up for your appointment or cancel with less than 24-hours notice, you will forfeit your gift certificate instead of being charged in full for the session. It also means that, if you’d like to use our online booking system in the future, you would need to provide a valid credit card in order to use the system going forward.

What is your cancellation policy? Why do you charge a cancellation fee?

Our policy is to charge the full appointment fee in the event that an appointment is missed or cancelled with less than 24-hours notice. We understand that it may feel frustrating to pay for a service you don't receive however, this is a way for us to protect our therapists and be sure they are getting paid for their time. Simply put, if someone misses an appointment without notice, it prevents that therapist from working during the reserved time. In some cases that can represent up to 1/3 of the therapist’s earnings for a day. Thank you for your understanding!

Do you accept tips?

Yes. If you feel like your massage was exceptional and you would like to tip above the price of the session you are welcome to do this, however, it is not necessary. We have priced our services at a fair market rate for our area so please don't feel like you have to tip especially if it would be a burden to do so in any way.

I’d like to book a 75 or 90 minute massage but I don’t see that option online.

We love our online booking system but it does not allow for these types of appointments to be booked online directly. If you would like to book a longer session, please call us at 617-718-7278 or email us at info@bluefernmassage.com to set something up. Alternately, you can book a 60-minute session at a time that works for you and include a note on the booking (or follow up with an email) asking if we can extend the session.

I like to book last-minute/same-day appointments. Can I do that online or should I call?

All of our open appointments, including same-day openings, are listed online. All appointments can be booked within 1.5 hours.

I have a cancer history but it is many years in the past and I am no longer in treatment. Do I really need to book an “Oncology Massage”?

This is a great question and we realize this can be confusing. Even if you had cancer and treatment decades ago, there may still ways in which we will adapt your massage session due to of some aspect(s) of your treatment. Therefore, it is important to sign up for an "oncology massage" so that we can direct you to one of our specially trained MTs who can ask the proper questions and provide a safe, relaxing and therapeutic massage. Many of us at BlueFern are specially trained in oncology massage which means we are skilled in gathering the information we need to work safely with you. We understand that it may not feel right to sign up for an oncology session if it was so long ago or may even feel uncomfortable and we appreciate that this may be a sensitive issue. Our intention is always first to address the safety needs of our clients and to deliver a massage that is both safe and therapeutic in nature. We want to pair you with a therapist who can address your needs and goals, no matter what they are.

The protocols we follow are set by our professional organization, the Society for Oncology Massage and have been informed by many clinicians that work in the field of oncology.  These standards are used by professional massage therapists working in many hospital and clinical settings all over the world.

If you have any questions regarding your specific needs, please do not hesitate to call us at 617-718-7278 or email us at info@bluefernmassage.com.

Will I be/do I have to be covered during my massage?  

Unless your therapist directs you otherwise, you are invited to undress to the level of your comfort during your massage.  Many people remove all but underclothes or some people undress completely. Regardless of how much clothing you elect to leave on, we ask you to start your session completely covered by the sheets and blankets provided. Your therapist will then uncover each area of your body as they work on it, working to maintain your privacy and comfort as they go.

Should I come in for my appointment if I am sick?

Generally, no. When you are sick, your body needs rest and massage, though wonderfully relaxing, still demands some change and “work” from your body. Additionally, coming into the office while sick exposes not only your therapist but potentially our other clients (some of whom may have compromised immune systems) as well. If you are feeling unwell and uncertain if massage is a good idea, please call our office to discuss.

Can I safely receive massage late in my pregnancy?

Yes!  So long as you sign up for a prenatal massage with one of our trained therapists then it should be no problem to receive massage up to and past your due date.  If you have concerns about whether or not massage is appropriate for you, feel free to call or email us to discuss your situation or check with your doctor before scheduling an appointment.

What kind of positioning do you use for prenatal work?

There is some debate about how safe it is to lie in a face down position after the first trimester so we do not use a table with a belly hole.  Instead, we use lots of pillows and specially-designed cushions to make our clients as comfortable as possible on their side. Most people find this position to be extremely supportive and comfortable.

Do you take or bill insurance?

We require payment at the time of service and do not accept any form of insurance nor are we able to bill third parties for your appointments. We are happy to provide you with receipts for your payments to us, which you may submit directly to your insurance company for reimbursement if that option is available to you.

I would like a copy of my payment history or session notes. How can I get those from you?

We are happy to release these directly to you at any time. If you would like us to send these to a third party we require written permission from you to release your information.

What happens if bad weather is expected?

Generally we will be in touch the day prior to expected bad weather to make arrangements for the next day and to notify you if we expect our offices to be closed. If you feel it might be unsafe for you to come to your appointment and we urge you to contact us in advance to reschedule.