If you have unredeemed gift certificates, we have three options for you to consider.  Please let us know which one is right for you by Friday, July 31st. You can fill out this quick FORM or simply call (617-718-7278) or email us at to review the options and ask any questions you might have.

Please note, we can only pay remaining gift certificate credits out to the certificate holder. If you were the purchaser and want to claim a refund, please work with the recipient to get the certificate (pdf from the delivery email is fine) in order to submit the request.

If you have sessions left on a package we will be in touch directly soon or email us at if you feel we missed you.


1. REFUND:  We will refund the original purchase amount of your gift certificate less a 10% processing fee.  Please note, refunds to the original credit card are only available until July 15th -- after that all refunds will be made by check or Zelle payment transfer app.

2. DONATE:  If you’d like to help us with the costs associated with this transition you can donate the value of your gift certificate to the business to help us with the expenses we've incurred while closed and those related to closing.  We’ll also be using a portion of the funds to provide some support to our therapists who are all in a difficult position.

3. 50/50 SPLIT:  If you'd like a partial refund while also supporting BlueFern and our therapists, we will refund you ½ of the purchase price and put the rest towards closing costs and therapist support.